CERTIFIX specialise in Latchways cable-based Fall Protection Systems.


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Constant Force Posts

The Constant Force post system is unique with respect to its energy absorbing capacity. 

It is designed to suit all common roof types and all major roofing manufacturers systems.

  • Profile metal roofing
  • Unique energy absorbing capacity
  • Internal coil mechanism

Product Information

Latchways ManSafe horizontal and inclined fall arrest and fall restraint systems incorporating the patented Constant Force post can be deployed across virtually all the major roof types including standing-seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix and membrane. Fixing the Constant Force post does not damage the integrity of the roof and therefore will not compromise the roof guarantee.

Equally advantageous for roof-top applications is the freestanding Constant Force post, which is ideal for one-off repair or maintenance tasks.

In conjunction with a ManSafe fall protection system...

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