Constant Force Posts

Over the last fifteen years, Latchways has pioneered the advent of ‘top fixed’ systems incorporating their patented Constant Force post technology and ManSafe componentry. ‘Top fixed’ refers to the fall protection being installed to the complete roofing system rather than the traditional method of attaching an anchor through the roof to the building structure. 

With such a fundamental change to the method of load control and attachment, combined with the proliferation of copy-cat products available on the market, it is imperative that specifiers, contractors, clients and end users can be confident that the selected product is ‘fit for purpose’.

At the heart of every Constant Force post is the unique Latchways energy absorbing coil. Under load the post deploys over, extending the energy absorbing coil whilst, at the same time, limiting the load to the roof to a typical peak of 10 kN (1 tonne) in shear.

Three user unrestricted system

Unless otherwise stated, and with the exception of single point anchors, the Constant Force post system is suitable for access by up to three users at any one time and at any point along the length of the system, even between two anchors.

Fall protection standard

The standard governing the testing of anchor devices is EN 795 and should be considered as the absolute minimum requirement. Systems are categorised within this standard as either being class A1, A2, B, C, D or E. The classes pertinent to the Constant Force post are A2 (isolated 
anchor devices) and C (anchor devices employing horizontal flexible lines). 

Under the standard, anchor devices are tested by subjecting them to a dynamic test using a 100 kg mass - the equivalent of one person falling.

The Latchways Constant Force post exceeds this standard.

Watch the 'Constant Force Post installation' video