Q. What should a horizontal cable system be tested to?

A. A system should be tested to the relevant standards applicable to that region

Q. How do you know a system is compliant?

A. A system should be independently tested via a notified body and evidenced by a Declaration of Conformity Certificate

Q. What markings should a compliant system carry?

A. In accordance with EN 795: 2012, a system should be clearly marked to display the following information:

  • Means of identification, e.g. manufacturer's name, supplier's name, or trademark
  • Manufacturer’s production batch or serial number or other means of traceability
  • Model and type/identification 
  • Number and year of the document to which the equipment conforms
  • Pictogram or other method to indicate the necessity for users to read the instructions for use.

Q. Should a system be tested beyond the standard?

A. Yes. As the world leaders in fall protection - and with an overarching importance on user safety - Latchways has always believed in testing not only to the standard but above and beyond it.

Q. What other performance related features should a fall protection system provide?

A. Omni-directional performance and Corrosion testing.

Q. What additional benefits are there to specifying a Latchways system?

A. Materials and Inspection, Range and Recyclability

Q. How do I know my Latchways system will be installed correctly?

A. Latchways Registered Installers are exclusive to Latchways and specialise ONLY in Latchways fall protection systems; furthermore Latchways Constant Force post systems can only be installed by a Latchways registered installer. Whilst this not only ensures that the quality of installation is maintained, it also gives the customer confidence that the system will have been installed by a company who has been correctly trained by Latchways.

Q. How will the purchase of a system benefit my organisation?

A. It is important for an organisation to consider the long-term benefits of choosing a Latchways system; the procurement of a Latchways system should be considered as an investment. Whilst there is obviously an initial outlay of capital required, a Constant Force post system can actually benefit an organisation as it then becomes included within their asset register, and can often increase the value of a building. Latchways can also offer a range of maintenance packages for the system—through their Registered Installer network—ensuring that the product is not only safe-to-use, but that it’s lifespan is ensured through regular inspection.

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